Digital Transformation: Stop worrying about falling behind 

Organizational dynamics, installed technology, available technology and a rapidly evolving industry greatly complicate the process of digital transformation. Which has resulted in a common phenomena: Over and over people tell me — and frequently in hushed tones — "we're way behind in digital transformation.” This came up repeatedly at a …

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Three basics when budgeting and planning MarTech

It might before for the quarter, it might be budgeting and planning for the coming year. As a marketing operations professional, part of your job is now to make sure you have what you need to support all of marketing operations for the next period. How do you do that …

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Why Your Business Needs Infographics and How to Design Them 

Every business wants to stay ahead of its competitors and goes the extra mile to make their business better. From hiring the best business analysis experts to investing in the research and development phase, businesses know how to influence their audience and increase their revenue. Consequently, more and more business …

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The Seven Stages of MarTech Governance 

By Guest author Jason Katz 9,000+ Software Solutions. $65B Funding. [1] 70+ Average Stack Size. [2] Budget at ~10% Company Revenue aka Tens or Hundreds of Millions. [3] 500,000 Agencies Worldwide. [4] At this level of Marketing Technology (“MarTech investment”), there is a great opportunity for governance. Awareness has boomed …

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