Why marketing professionals should be tracking their dark technology

Do you have any idea how many custom integrations, I.E. how much dark tech, you have inside the organization?

Has your marketing team ever provided you with a list of dark tech, and a list of the people who created them, and what they connect?

It would be worth asking this question, it’s a large reason enterprise organizations, implementing as many products as you do use CabinetM to manage their technology. If your marketing ops person leaves, you need to know where that technology lives inside your marketing technology infrastructure. Without that knowledge, replacing a core platform in your organization could take your technology infrastructure to its knees.

Dark Technology

Custom integrations can cost your company lots of time and money. 

Take one large MarTech company's problem: To provide a quote, that company needs to collect information about all the products customers are using. When that MarTech company finally starts working with clients to integrate all their data, they bump into custom integrations that no one has accounted for. Because that company has already given a solid quote, they will end up eating the cost of integrating those pieces of custom code. 

If you’re an organization using lots of marketing technology, by definition you have custom integrations hiding inside your technology infrastructure. Inside the organizations CabinetM speaks with, we often tease out as many custom integrations as purchased products. Tracking this, and making sure the entire organization is aware of it, is a critical part of the MarTech management role. Our Enterprise customers save time, money and sleepless nights by making sure they know what they’ve purchased, and what they’ve built, and who owns it.

Don’t get caught in the dark!

If you need help, contact CabinetM. We’ll show you how you to track and manage your dark tech alongside all your marketing technology products and agency contracts.