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Direct Mail Technology Stack

The Direct Mail Technology Stack, is an easy-to-use category reference, to help marketers find the direct mail products.

This stack is dynamic. As new direct mail platforms are launched or retired, and direct mail companies are acquired, the stack will be updated to reflect those changes.

This stack is interactive. Click through each logo to see a product overview, access a vendor’s website and connect with a vendor sales representative.

A special thanks to Ray Van Iterson, USPS Manager of Innovation and Product Development, and Dennis Kelly, CEO of Postalytics, for all their help creating and structuring this stack.

“Because we tend to associate direct mail with offline marketing, we don’t often see direct mail as a layer in marketing technology stacks,”said Anita Brearton, CEO of CabinetM. “The reality is that like other marketing programs, there is now an abundance of technology available to support creating, personalizing, delivering, and tracking direct mail. As marketing teams adopt these technologies we’ll see Direct Mail emerge as a critical layer in advanced marketing technology stacks.”

“The good news is that while few marketers are aware of the breadth of Direct Mail technology available today, it has done the same thing for offline campaigns that other Marketing Technology (MarTech) has done for online campaigns – enable the coordination of messages to the same prospect across channels, make the creative process more efficient, and enable the impact of each channel to be measured,” said Gary Reblin, USPS VP of Product Innovation. “The better news is that while most people ignore display ads, direct mail response rates are often 30X higher than display ads and 9X higher than email ads so you have a better chance of making a sale.” 

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