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This stack represents a current view of the Nonprofit technology category; click through the logos to find product information and a link to each vendor’s website. CabinetM is grateful to Mark Becker of Cathexis Partners for his help in creating and structuring this stack.

“It’s amazing to see the breadth of technology that has been purpose-built to support non-profit organizations,” said Sheryl Schultz, COO of CabinetM. “This is a technology stack that is likely to continue to grow as more and more specialized tools surface that have been developed for specific types of nonprofits.”

According to the latest statistics compiled by agency Nonprofits Source, overall online revenue increased by 23% in 2017, accelerating from 15% growth the previous year. In that year, for every 1,000 fundraising messages sent, nonprofits raised $42.

With the demands growing on nonprofit leaders, the need to automate will continue to grow. This resource from CabinetM will help nonprofit marketers and fundraisers find the tools they need to enhance their success.

“It’s vitally important to nonprofit success to find the right mix of technology to support everything from donor management to fundraising and advocacy campaigns,” said Mark Becker,” Founding Partner at Cathexis Partners. “The Nonprofit Technology Stack makes it easier for nonprofit organizations to find, research, and select, the right technology needed to support their specific organizational objectives.”

Built by the CabinetM team with assistance from Mark Becker of Cathexis Partners, the Nonprofit Technology Stack showcases tools that offer a wide variety of capabilities designed to support all aspects of non-profit operations and donor acquisition and management.

“With the help of Mark Becker, we’ve uncovered more than 200 products designed for nonprofit organizations. And though this sounds like a lot, I think there are probably many more products available that have been designed for specific types of nonprofits that we’ve yet to catalog,” said Kat Powers, Editorial Director at CabinetM. “I’m looking forward to seeing how this category evolves over the next year and welcome any assistance from category experts in adding to this stack.”

Vendors, this stack makes it easy to position your products in your category ecosystem. If you need to update your product information, please claim your profile on CabinetM.

Please help us keep this stack up to date. Let us know if we’ve missed a product or category, have categorized something incorrectly, or if you have suggestions for improving our categorization. Contact Kat Powers at

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