What tools do marketers use together in stacks? 

For those of you new to CabinetM, large enterprise organizations use our platform to gain centralized oversight of their marketing technology use, spend, and strategy. Organizations track, manage and report on marketing technology assets which now, according to Gartner, represent 26% of the marketing budget. CabinetM collects a vast amount of data about products being used, in what combination, and how they perform. Our Stack Insights capability (which is also available to our Enterprise subscription customers) allows us to query our anonymized data to gain insights into how users are building their stacks.

When we look at a specific product, we can also see what other products are in the same stacks. We query the anonymized stack data using our StackInsights functionality, providing you with an ecosystem -- the StackMates -- for that product. The links below will bring you to infographics showing you what we've found.

The following are StackMates  found on CabinetM:

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